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Finding Your Divine Spark

Heart Centered "Flow-with-Soul" Transformational Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and More - Helping You Reclaim the Divine Spark of Your Life!

Be Your Best Self!

Vision Statement: Helping You 'Flow-with-Soul' by Reclaiming the Divine Spark of Your Life and Creating a Signature Experience That Gets People Talking!

Mission Statement: Inviting you to journey into a place of wholeness where you are motivated and empowered to own your truth, discover your joy, and live your dreams by creating the Path, Purpose, Blueprint, Art, and Soul of your own life.

By providing guidance and accountability, through the use of high quality life transformation coaching and/or transpersonal hypnotherapy processes, you could unlock the potential to discover who you really are, recognize your true goals and values, and map out an action plan to help your re-connect to your life and your dreams.