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Hypnotherapy FAQs


Quite often I receive questions from potential clients, in regard to the Hypnotherapy (also known as Guided Imagery) process.  I have compiled the most frequently asked questions with my responses.  Please take a moment to look over these FAQs and if you still have questions, please contact me. When choosing to undergo Hypnotherapy, it is important that you (the client) feel comfortable and understand the process.


What is Hypnotherapy (Guided Imagery)?  I have found a very easy to understand definition of Hypnotherapy and this is how I present it to my clients and potential clients: “guided imagery is based on the concept that your body and mind are connected. Directed thoughts and suggestions guide your imagination toward a relaxed, focused state.” *

Hypnotherapy can, and has been used successfully by many people, to help change long-standing habits as well as to promote a sense of relaxation. It has been shown, in some people, to help reduce blood pressure and stress levels, and may also help individuals reach their goals such as weight-loss, pain management, and smoking cessation.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?  Yes, Hypnotherapy is safe.  There are no known risks associated with hypnosis, which is “simply a state of relaxed focus”.

Will I Lose Control?  No. You may be familiar with “stage hypnosis” which is done for entertainment purposes only.  Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience suggestions and according to The American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists "hypnosis cannot make you do something that is against your morals or ethics". With Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy, you will be in a relaxed deep focus but you are still always in control and able to reject any suggestion you choose to and can come out of the trance-state at any time you choose.

What if I Can’t Relax?  There is no “right” or “wrong” way for you to respond. Some people go into a light sleep state while others remain aware of the Hypnotherapist's voice, or other sounds, throughout the entire session.  Hypnotherapists are trained in various methods to help you feel less apprehensive about the process. 

What if I say "things" during my session? Is This Confidential?  Anything that is discussed prior to, during, and after the session, or anything that may be said while in a relaxed trance state remains confidential. So, Yes, anything that is discussed remains confidential between client and hypnotherapist.  The only time confidentiality may be breached is in the event where keeping confidentiality could cause harm to you, your therapist, or another person.

Guaranteed to Help Me Feel Better?  Can Hypnosis cure me?  There can be no guarantees as to the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy and you (the client). Hypnosis is an instrument that may be helpful in bringing about change better, faster, and more permanent; however, you must be made aware that Hypnotherapy is not a “miracle cure”. It has been shown that the partnership between client and hypnotherapist helps to empower you (the client) to achieve changes you would like to achieve, and that Hypnotherapy can help in the reduction of stress and anxiety, as well as helpful in the release of weight and long-standing habit thoughts. But there are no guarantees.

Side Effects?   Again, there are no guarantees as each person’s experience with guided imagery/hypnotherapy is unique. However, most people appear to express feelings of relaxation, perhaps even tiredness, after undergoing Hypnotherapy.  It has also been shown that individuals tend to feel a sense of confidence, being in control, less stressed, and feeling more positive than before their sessions.

Should I tell my doctor if I choose to use Hypnotherapy?   Absolutely! You should always communicate with your medical provider that you are using an alternative therapy, or that you are considering using an alternative therapy, in combination with current conventional medical treatment. Depending upon your medical history, please be aware that it "may not be safe to forgo your conventional medical treatment and rely only on an alternative therapy".

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It may not be safe to forgo your conventional medical treatment and rely only on an alternative therapy. Always tell your doctor if you are using, or plan to use, an alternative therapy or if you are thinking about combining an alternative therapy with your conventional medical treatment.

*Definition taken from WebMD – Guided Imagery – Topic Overview: